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This page has pointer to software packages that I have been involved with in some way. Either I wrote it, or was involved in its design, or I used it a paper that I co-authored. If you have questions or comments regarding my software, please feel free to email me -- see contacts page.


Hidden Markov Model (HMM) Software: Implementation of Forward-Backward, Viterbi, and Baum-Welch algorithms. The software has been compiled and tested on UNIX platforms (sun solaris, dec osf and linux) and PC NT running the GNU package from Cygnus (has gcc, sh, etc.). A tar file can be found at: (tar file). If you need a zip file: zip file . The README file. Postscript slides for tutorial talks that I gave on HMM. The PDF version of the tutorial.

If for some reason you need the older verison of the code, the files are here -- zip file and shar file

To refer:



TRUEVIZ: Groundtruth Editing and Visulization Software.
Software was co-developed by my student Chang Ha Lee and Jeff Czorapinski.
Software: trueviz-1_02.tar.gz
Readme: README
Papers: TrueViz was used at National Library of Medicine, to create Rover, which is used in the MEDLINE database creation process.


My multivariate hypothesis testing software for Gaussian Data. A compressed shar file available from Statlib. A tech report describing the tests and software.


PSET: A Page Segmentation Evaluation Toolkit. Software written by my student Mao Song. (software/tar file) The README file.


The K-Means Custering Software was written by David Mount. You can download the code from his software page . Papers associated with this work are:
More coming up. (DDM, DVI2TIF, ESTIM, VALID, etc.)
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